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09/15/2020 Authors & Artists Series: Walt Woodward


 Authors & Artists Series: Walt Woodward & The Band of Steady Habits 

Present A New Album & A New Book

Tuesday, September 15, 2020
6:00 pm

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Album Premiere
Great River 
The album premiere celebrates the release of Walt Woodward and The Band of Steady Habits’  (Rachel Smith, Teagan Smith, Jeremy Teitelbaum, Duke York, and Walt) debut mini-album, Great River, which includes representative songs from Walt Woodward and the band of steady habits musical history lectures. One of the songs, “Great River” is former hit country music songwriter Walt Woodward’s own composition about the Connecticut River – “Great River”. The songs will be integrated into a selection of short readings from state historian Woodward’s brand new book Creating Connecticut: Critical Moments That Shaped a Great State.  
Book Launch
Creating Connecticut 

Connecticut State Historian Walter Woodward helps us understand how people and events in Connecticut’s past played crucial roles in forming the culture and character of Connecticut today. Woodward, a gifted story-teller, brings the history we thought we knew to life in new ways, from the nearly forgotten early presence of the Dutch, to the time when Connecticut was New England’s fiercest prosecutor of witches, the decades when Nutmeggers were rapidly leaving the state, and the years when Irish immigrants were hurrying into it. Whether it’s his investigation into the unusually rough justice meted out to Revolutionary War hero Nathan Hale, or a peek into Mark Twain’s smoking habits, Creating Connecticut will leave you thinking about our state’s past––and its future––in a whole new way.

Walt Woodward is the State Historian of Connecticut and an Associate Professor of History at the University of Connecticut. He is the narrator and producer/editor of Today in Connecticut History (with CT Humanities) and Grating the Nutmeg: The Podcast of Connecticut History (with Connecticut Explored magazine). He also writes the “From the State Historian” column in Connecticut Explored magazine. A widely sought after public speaker and historian, he lives in Columbia, CT. 

Prior to becoming a historian, Walt Woodward was a songwriter and advertising music music producer in Nashville and Cleveland, where he wrote two hit country songs, won two Emmy’s for television and film music, and eight Clio’s – advertising’s highest award - for his musical productions.